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M/s Emmtech Calibration Faridabad, HARYANA

Standing tall, looking into the sun, and laughing, Ms Sudesh Kumari, proved that fortune favours the brave.

Proprietor of M/s EMM Tech Calibration, she established the enterprise in year 2007.  The enterprise is NABL accredited laboratory and providing calibration services to automobile industry, pharmacy industry, process industry, R&D centers, testing

laboratory etc. The enterprise has got accreditation in relative humidity calibration first time in India. The calibration procedure adopted by enterprise is as per national / international standard for calibration of instruments.

The enterprise has got the accreditation in three disciplines by NABL i.e. Mechanical Calibration, Thermal Calibration, Electro Technical Calibration. Enterprise  has  a  precise universal  length  measuring machine  with   their  resolution  upto 0.0001 mm to calibrate the limit gauges for  all  automobile  industries.  The enterprise is ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.

The investment in Plant and Machinery in year 2007 -08 was Rs.3.58 lakh which increased to Rs.23.17 lakh in2009-10.  The value of annual production and net profit increased from Rs.14.11 lakh to Rs.83.40 lakh and Rs.1.16lakh to Rs.8.87 respectively over same period.

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