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Executive Summary

There is infusion of policy content in a large measure in the revised guidelines. The expectations of the key stakeholders, including the Government, expressed in general and specific terms in this Chapter, constitute the `Policy statement’ on CSR and Sustainability. The earlier guidelines focussed mainly on CSR activities for external stakeholders i.e. how social causes and environmental concerns could be addressed through CSR projects funded by an earmarked budget for this purpose. Whereas, in the revised guidelines, CSR and Sustainability agenda is perceived to be equally applicable to internal stakeholders (particularly, the employees of a company), and a company’s corporate social responsibility is expected to cover even its routine business operations and activities. Accordingly, under the revised guidelines, CPSEs are expected to formulate their policies with a balanced emphasis on all aspects of CSR and Sustainability – equally with regard to their internal operations, activities and processes, as well as in their response to externalities.

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