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Faculty Development Programme on Entrepreneurship Development (03-14 Jul 2017). Programme Director: Mr. G. Sudarshan

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Need For Entrepreneurship

India needs entrepreneurs for two reasons

  • To capitalize on new opportunities
  • To create wealth and new jobs

The economics of many developing countries are in state of transition as they strive to shift from a subsistence oriented and heavily regulated environment to an outward looking market driven economy.

This transition can be greatly assisted by emergence o Large number of small-scale and rural enterprises in all spheres of economic activity, which, in turn, require the development of entrepreneurial skill. Despite importance of entrepreneurship for economic and social systematic Observation of the process through which entrepreneurship emerges and Sustains itself.

What Educational Institutions can do?

Educational institutions can address today’s chan business landscape, Particular in emerging markets and build’Centres of Entrepreneurial Excellence” In institute that will actively assist entrepreneurs.

The educational institutions have an extraordinary talent pool With virtually limitless potential be bec entrepreneurs. The educational Institutions should work to create the rich environment to developm business Builders.

Benefits from the Programme

The 2-week programme will equip the faculty:

  • To develop vision, strategy & structure for Entrepreneurship Development in Educational Institution
  • To inculcate entrepreneurial values among the students
  • To organize Entrepreneurship Awareness campus (EACs) And entrepreneurship orientation courses in the Institution
  • To co-ordinate entrepreneurial activities in their region Through Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

Program Content :

  • Entrepreneurship – Concept & Present Scenario
  • Entrepreneurial Competencies
  • Identification Selection of Potential Entrepreneurs
  • Business Environment Scanning
  • Business Opportunity Identification
  • Market Survey
  • Role of Support Agencies
  • Financial support for Innovations/Startups
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Managerial Inputs
  • Organizing Entrepreneurship Programs in the Campus


Faculty members from

  • Science & Engineering colleges
  • Polytechnic
  • Entrepreneurship Development Organizations
  • Business Schools


Date: 3rd – 14th July 2017

Two weeks – Full time

Participation Fee

Free (DST Sponsored)


Program Director

  1. Sudarshan, Faculty Member

9490420372, 04023633228 sudarshan@nimsme.org

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