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Government launches E-platform for agriculture sector

The Government on Tuesday in New Delhi has launched the “E-Rakam” (Rashtriya Kisan Agri Mandi). The farmers now can access larger markets and acquire more buyers with better returns in agriculture commodities.

This new online portal “e-Rakam has been launched in New Delhi by Central Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan and Central Steel Minister Chaudhary Birender Singh.

This latest E portal will boom technology to connect famers with tiny villages to huge markets through internet, the ministers said on the occasion.

The Central Steel Minister said there was need of such initiatives to keep watch on the role of middlemen in the agriculture trade

Agents or Middleman has been a decisive factor in the Indian history. We got to know what rold middleman can play through the Bofors scam. We need to create awareness about this portal to make the agriculture trade free of middlemen so farmers get remunerative prices, the minister said.

Therefore such initiatives should be implemented effectively, so that farmers income can be increased by not just double but four to five times.

Food Minister Mr. Paswan said initial we may face difficulties and some problem with this initiative but we can reap the so many benefits in quick time.

The farmers will get immense help from this e-Rakam, even the ministry. Preliminary hurdles will be there as most of our farmers are illiterate and are in worst condition. Nevertheless, every new imitative comes  with its own difficulties and issues that will be managed with period of time.

During the rainfall or bad weather conditions the price of various crops whose prices increases will be managed and will get the market. Also the transport condition will also have initial hurdles that will be sorted with time.

The Portal should in simple language so farmers can understand the concept easily, with lots of knowledge and information to clear all doubts in their minds as told Mr. Paswan.

He also said that the portal should start with auctioning of pulses as the government had 19 lakh tonnes of pulses lying in its warehouses.

The new e-portal also aims to bring together farmers, Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), civil supplies and buyers on single platform to ease the selling and buying process of agricultural products.

This new portal has been developed by the MSTC, a public sector unit under the Steel Ministry, and it will be assisted by the Food Ministry’s Central Railside Warehouse Company for Marketing and Logistics.

The bidders from national and international markets can trade agriculture products without any hassle of intermediaries.  We have to access over 500 warehouses with sound logistic infrastructure. So we will be able to make the portal success soon, “ the official said.

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