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KHADI & V.I. COMMISSION PROJECT PROFILE FOR GRAMODYOG ROJGAR YOJNA ICE-CREAM PARLOUR (Manufacturing of soft ice-cream. Thick Milk-shake, slush &sundaes)   Ice-cream is one of the delicious and tasty item, which is very popular worldwide. A nice aroma, attractive look, etc. are its qualities, which have created vast demand in …

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US cut in anti-dumping duty on shrimps to boost exports

The United States, the largest importer of Indian shrimps, has pegged its preliminary anti-dumping duty on the perishable seafood item at an average rate of 1.07 per cent. The US commerce department has announced the preliminary determinations in the ongoing 11th administrative reviews of the anti-dumping duty orders against frozen …

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Trends in the Hospitality

The travel and tourism industry constitutes 6.23 % of India’s GDP and provides 8.78% of the country’s population with employment. The sector is well connected both domestically and internationally and is therefore one that needs to adapt to the changing trends quickly. According to an RNCOS report titled ‘Booming Medical …

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Oppurtunities for MSME’S in Indian Hospitality Sector

The Indian hospitality sector is one that is definitely booming.  Reports have suggested that within the next three years, this sector will attract around $ 200 billion and around 300 hotel brands are expected to surface. With such an attractive market at hand, SMEs may indulge within the space and …

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Impact of Tourism on Indian Hospital industry

The Indian hospitality industry consists of a wide range of fields within the service industry which include hotels, restaurants, transportation, cruise lines and several additional fields within the tourism industry.   The travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India and contributes to 5.9 percent …

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